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:: Oral Presentation Time Table
:: Poster Time Table (13 February 2018)
:: Quaternary conference Deadlines
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:: Last site contents ::
:: Oral Presentation Time Table
:: Poster Time Table (13 February 2018)
:: Quaternary conference Deadlines
:: Tabas Geotour
:: Registration notifications
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پایگاه همایش های ملی و بین المللی انجمن کواترنری ایران

National and International Conferences of Iranian Quaternary Association


:: Oral Presentation Time Table ::
 | Post date: 2018/02/6 | 
Time Table of 13th february 2018 the First International & 3rd National Congress of  Iranian Quaternary
  Presented By Affiliation Title  Time
1 Registration ------------ ------------ 8:00 -8:30
2 Opening ------------ ------------ 8:30 -9:00
3 Dr. khalil Rezaei Executive Secretary- University of Kharazmi Welcome 9:00 -9:05
4 Dr. Fariborz Gharib President of IRQUA & Conference- President of  Applied Research Center of Geological Survey of Iran (GRCIR)-Azad Eslamic University of Ashtian IRQUA history, Aim 9:05- 9:15
5 Dr. Razyeh Lak Deputy Minister & President of GSI GSI & IRQUA 9:15- 9:30
6 Dr. Peter Vanstraten University of Guelph- Canada Agrogeology: An interdisciplinary approach to serve agricultural development 9:30- 9:50
7 Dr. Ali Beitollahi Head of Engineering Seismology Department at BHRC The Importance of Soil and Alluvial and Quaternary Deposits Conditions in Seismic Risk Analysis 9:50- 10:10
8 Dr. Mehdi Zare International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES), and associate member of academy of sciences of Iran Recent 2017-2018 Seismicity and News Seismic Hazard Zoning of Iran 10:10- 10:30
  Break time Break time Break time 10:30-11:00
9 Dr. Arash Sharifi University of Miami Climate-Human interaction over the Iranian Plateau during the Upper Pleistocene-Holocene: A review 11:00- 11:20
10 Dr. Hamed Vahdati Nasab University of Tarbiat Modares Ancient Iranian Earthquakes: Chehr-Abad Salt Mine 11:20- 11:40
11 Dr. Hamid Nazari Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran Desert kites and prehistoric periods in Iranian plateau 11:40- 12:00
12 Dr. Fatemeh Sabaok Kheiz University of Esfahan Necessity and methods of study in Quaternary 12:00- 12:20
13 Dr. Majid Mirzaie Ataabadi University of Zanjan Systematic Investigation of the Holocene Vertebrate Residues in Yeke Chah Cave 12:20- 12:40
14 Hanieh Nilforoushan RS & GIS expert in Isfahan regional water company Application of remote sensing data in measuring the area of the Zardkuh glaciers 12:40- 13:00
Lunch Time Lunch Time Lunch Time 13:00- 14:00
15 Dr. Arash Barjaste Adjunct Lecturer of the Ministry of Energy
Khuzestan Water and Power Authority (KWPA)
Neotectonic features of Gotvand - Lali region, southwest Iran 14:00- 14:20
16 Dr. Mohammad Faridi Research Institute for Earth Sciences (RIES) Geometrical and seismic parameters of the Qoshadagh fault and its role in evolution of the Sabalan Plio-Quaternary Volcano (Northwest of Iran) 14:20- 14:40
17 Dr. Esmaeil Shabanian Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS), Zanjan Measurement of long-term denudation rates in carbonate landscapes using in situ-produced 36Cl cosmogenic nuclide 14:40- 15:00
18 Eng. Peiman Heydarian Geological Survey of Iran-Ahwaz Applying MCDM and spatial analysis techniques approach to prioritizing dust sources for restraining and rehabilitation operations (RROs): Case study, Khuzestan province 15:00- 15:20

Time Table of 14th february 2018 the First International & 3rd National Congress of  Iranian Quaternary
  Presented By Affiliation Title Time
1 Prof. Peter Ernest Wigand University of Nevada, Reno- USA Modeling Past Episodes of Erosion in the Lake Orūmiye (Urmia) Basin: Analogues for Future Landscape Dynamics 9:00- 9:20
2 Dr. Reza Shahbazi Deputy of  Applied Research Center of Geological Survey of Iran (GRCIR) A Geochemical Approach to the Palaeo Coastline Reconstruction in southern Khuzestan Plain 9:20- 9:40
3 Dr. Tayebeh Akbari University of Shahid Beheshti Climate Change Modeling and Drought Detection of Lake Neor by Approaching to Past, Present, and Future 9:40- 10:00
4 Dr. Farhad Khormali Gorgan university of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources  Modern  Soils & Paleosols formed on loess in Northern Iran,reconstruction of Paleiclimate 10:00- 10:20
  Break time Break time Break time 10:20-11:00
5 Dr. Hassan Fazeli Nesheli University of Tehran Climatic Changes and life during the Neolithic period in Iran 11:00- 11:20
6 Dr. Milad Hashemi Tarbiat Modares University Pedosedimentary Evolution and Site Formation Processes in Mirak Mound 8, South of Semnan 11:20- 11:40
7 Dr. Mohammad Ghamari Fatideh University of  Mazandaran An environmental-geographical view to northern slopes of Alborz mountain as an ancient passage but missed subject in Iran's archaeological studies; with the emphasis on the findings of third millennium B.C 11:40-12:00
8 Dr. Ghasem Azizi Sientific Secretary-University of Tehran Conclusion 12:00-12:20
9 Closing ------------ ------------ ------------
  Lunch Time Lunch Time Lunch Time 13:00

:: Poster Time Table (13 February 2018) ::
 | Post date: 2018/02/6 | 
Ali Ahmadabadi, Mohammad Fathollahzadeh, ,Ali Davoudi, Parvin Roshan Nekoo
Title Authors Time
1  Neotectonic and completion of  the Quaternary erosion surfaces in the southern slopes of the Bozgosh mountain ranges Saeed Latifi 9-13
2  Investigation of the Geological and Geomorphic characteristics of Quaternary alluvial Northwest Plains of Iran Masoumeh Rajabi, Tohid Rahimpour 9-13
3  Reconstruction of the Zardkouh Climatic Conditions in the Late Quaternary Tayebeh kiani, Mohamad fathallahzadeh, Sahar Bahmani 9-13
4  Sedimentological evidence of the level and climate changes of Lake Zeribar in the Holocene Mehran Maghsoudi, Omid Rahimi 9-13
5  Geothermal area detection using Landsat 8 operational land imager and thermal infrared sensor data in Ardabil province, Iran Omid Rahimi, Fariba Esfandiary Darabad 9-13
6 Comprehensive Study of Sedimentology and Sedimentary environment of Alluvial Fans Around Ben County (northwest) of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran Saeid Pourmorad, Amir Jokar, Hani Asadi Hoveizian 9-13
7 The impact of the volcano on the human ecosystems, case study Bidkhan volcano Sara Sheikh Fakhradini, Mohammadreza Saffar Heidari, Ahmad Abbasnejad 9-13
8 Study of geomorphological and environmental changes of the Bidkhan volcano Sara Sheikh Fakhradini, Mohammadreza Saffar Heidari, Ahmad Abbasnejad 9-13
9  Sedimentary facies, structural elements and sedimentary model of the Quaternary deposits in Birjand Atefeh Alborz, Maryam Mortazavi Mahrizi,Hojjat Shaban Mesk 9-13
10  A Quaternary study by mineral compositions along salty-clay surfaces of Sabzavar dry-lake playa Maliheh Pourali, Adel Sepehr, Mohamad Hosein Mahmudy Gharaie 9-13
11  Investigating of carbonate formations in the morphology of the Quaternary cirques in Oshtorankouh 9-13
12  An introduction to methods of discovering and identifying ancient sites with emphasis on evidence and geomorphologic techniques Abdolhossein Hajizadeh, Syamak Sharafi, Mohammad Ali Nezammahaleh, Musa Aghajani 9-13
13 Evaluation of ground water Crises in Quaternary cost Mumbi plain (Kohkelouye va Boir ahmad) Azimeh Rahimi Khashab, Hadi Tahmasbinejad, Mohsen Afroozi, Rasoul Farhadi 9-13
14 Climate Change and Landslide Hazard Bita Javidfakhr 9-13
15 Active Tectonics and Climate Change Bita Javidfakhr 9-13
16 Quantitative Evaluation of Active Morphotectonics Using Geomorphologic Properties in Habib Abad Basin Alireza Taghian, Farokh Malekzadeh 9-13
17 Study of Quaternary deposits and environmental hazard of land subsidence in Neishabour plain Jafar Rokni,syed Reza Hossinzadeh,Gholamreza Lashkaripour,Sadollah Velayati 9-13
18 Evaluating the Effects of Oman Sea Water Transfer to Jazmurian Wetland  on the Groundwater Quality of the Region Mahsa Meimandnejad ,Akbar Ghazifard,Amir Gandomkar 13-16
19 Evaluating the Enveronmental  Impacts of Transferring Oman sea water to Jazmurian Playa With Emphasis on Identifcation of the Intersectiny  Faults Maryam Ghazavi,Akbar Ghazifard, Seyed Hassan Hejazi 13-16
20 Investigation of Heavy Metals Pollution Index in Alluvial Sediments of Nusrat-Abad Region Using Remote Sensing Nasrin Sadrmohammadi ,Khalil Rezaei,Ali Ghorbani 13-16
21 Sedimentology and Geochemistry of the Quaternary Sediments in Saghalak-Sar wetland of Rasht Masoumeh Mojmeli Renani, Khalil Rezaei, Mehran Arian, Seyed Mohsen Aleali, Pantea Giahchi 13-16
22 Geomorphology and karst features of carbonate rocks of Cretaceous Haraz valley, Northeast of Tehran Parviz Ghazanfari,Hamideh Ghaderi, Fereshteh Jafari 13-16
23 Identification of deposition texture features in Ovan Lake, Northeast Qazvin Parviz Ghazanfari, Sina Kaveh Ahangar, Zahra Salavati 13-16
24 Sedimentology and environments of Quaternary deposits in Miankaleh island Shohreh Erfan, Mir Alireza Hamedi 13-16
25 Investigating and analyzing the spatial dispersion of weapons in the deployment of hunters' communities in eastern Iran Ali Sadrayi Kohneforoud,Bahram Enani 13-16
26 Quaternary Climate Fluctuations Based on Physical and Biological Evidence (Case Study: Gavkhoni Lagoon) Fatemeh Sabokkhiz, Ladan Khedri Gharibvand, Manijeh Ghohroudi Tali 13-16
27 Investigation of quaternary deposits and sediments of the Badavar river of Lorestan Mohammad Mohseni, Khalil Rezaei, Farajollah Fayazi, Ramin Sarikhni 13-16
28 Geodynamic history and sedimentary basin model of Hezardareh Formation Ehsan Karimpour 13-16
29 Estimation of erosion and sediment in eastern Damghan watershed using MPSIAC method and in GIS environment Ali Mahmoudi, Peyman Rezaee, Seyede Atefeh Moafi Madani,Ali Marzoghi 13-16
:: Quaternary conference Deadlines ::
 | Post date: 2017/11/21 | 
( Tahoma12)  Title
Authors-  8Tahoma
First author,degree,field,university,email,phone*
Abstract(10 Tahona)
Keywords(8 Tahoma)
Introduction(10 Tahoma)

( 10Tahoma):Discussion
10Tahoma)   ): Conclusion 
Deadline for submitting articles December 21-22, 2016
Judging articles and announcing the results: January 15-20, 2016

Sign up at the conference at www.conf.iranqua.ir

:: Tabas Geotour ::
 | Post date: 2017/09/26 | 
The Quaternary Association of Iran

Tabas Tour include Visiting:
- Hell Cave,Halvan Desert,Kelmard Carvanserai,Cal Jenny,Ancient caves ...
residency: Kelmard Carvanserai
Tour duration: 2 days
Travel by VIP bus+ breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Time: February 2018
For more information you can contact us:
+98 09335057094- +98 09126507489


:: Registration notifications ::
 | Post date: 2017/09/24 | 

"   Registration notifications "

Registration is currently open – fees are as follows:
General registration fee  300 $ include:
  1. Conference registration
            2-  Cost of 3 nights stay at the hotel
           3- 2 days breakfast and lunch
           4- Transportation from airport to hotel
           5- Transportation from hotel to conference location
Registration fee without hotel accommodation and transportation is $ 50
side programs :
  • Hashilan Wetland Workshop ( Prof. R.J. Mathews)
  • Visiting Archaeological Site of  Central Iran
  • Dendroclimatology Workshop
  • Development of Quaternary humans in Iran Workshop
  • Geotourism field of Tabas
The Participants who are interested in workshop contributions,submit their titles and scientific CV to the congress website or email.

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پایگاه همایش های ملی و بین المللی انجمن کواترنری ایران National and International Conferences of Iranian Quaternary Association
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