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Climate records and models

All contributions related to paleoclimatic and paleogeographic changes in marine and terrestrial systems, abrupt and long-term climate change, historical and future climate, the use and development of (novel) climate proxies, simulations of past and future climate

Human evolution and ancient civilizations

All contributions related to anthropology, archeology, ancient civilizations, population dynamics and behavioral variability, cultural diversity, human-environment interaction, cultural-climatic evolution, vegetation, land-use and human impact

Landforms and soil system sciences

All contributions related to fluvial, estuarine and coastal geomorphology, lake- and sea-level changes, soil biology, chemistry and physics, soil and environment interaction, soil formation, diagenesis, erosion and transport, loess and paleosols

Natural Processes and Geohazards

All contributions related to extreme weather and climate events, drought, fire and water scarcity, floods and landslides, earthquakes and neotectonics, volcanic hazards and aerosols, pollution, risk assessments and -reduction

Geochronology, stratigraphy and sedimentology

All contributions related to application of, and advances in, geo- and thermochronology, paleomagnetism and magnetostratigraphy, radionuclides, radiocarbon and luminescence dating, trace and stable isotope geochemistry, correlations and mapping, statistical methods, scales and scaling, eolian dust and sedimentation, carbonate and siliclastic sediments, modern and ancient sedimentary environment

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Important Dates

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