Iranian Quaternary Conferences- Aims

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Quaternary sciences play a critical role in contributing the necessary knowledge to face current societal challenges and to mitigate the ongoing climate change. To this end, the IRQUA aims to convene the Iranian and international Quaternary scientists to present their work and discuss the processes and mechanisms that shaped the landscape, environments, civilizations and ecosystems of the past 2.5 million years.
The IRQUA aims to exchange research interests on global and regional scale and promote interdisciplinary studies in Quaternary science. The meeting will consist of various interconnected sessions covering paleoclimate and paleoceanography, geomorphology, soil system sciences, natural hazards, stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology, and archeology.
The meeting will foster greater collaborations to lead to solutions in all fields of Quaternary science, and to share and engage the science community, policymakers and stakeholders. We hope to see you in this meeting of action and collaboration.

Mahyar Mohtadi, PhD

Scientific Secretary
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